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Are Exel´s telescopic poles strong enough to be used as boat poles? They should be able to endure 100kg stress.

Exel´s telescopic poles´ locks can withstand 50kg stress in upwards position. By tightening the lock it is possible to gain more traction but then sliding the tubes in and out becomes more difficult. For these reasons, the telescopic poles do not exactly fit this purpose.

Are the telescopes from different materials? Purpose of the use would be cleaning the roof from needles while on groundlevel.

From http://www.exelwebstore.com/telescopic-poles.html you can find materials used in our composite telescopes.

Can Exel Universal-, Exelence or System 30- composite tubes be painted with uretan paint without grindint the surfise of the tubes first?

No, we recommend griding the surfice of the tubes Exel Universal-, Exelence or System 30- composite before painting.

Can Exel Universal-, Exelence or System 30- composite tubes be used outside?

Yes, Exel Universal-, Exelence or System 30- composite tubes can be used outside very well, because they have veil on the surface of the tubes.

Can I buy for my structures made of Exel system 30 jonts and 30 mm tubes some spare parts in Norway?

You can buy spare parts either from Exel web store or order from a company:

Blickpunkt Exponering Ab
Johannesfredsvägen 5
Bromma, 16968 Sweden
phone: +468838095
e-mail: info@maxdialog.se

Thank you.


Can I collect a product myself from your warehouse?

Yes, when you place your order you can choose the delivery selection

Can I do reservations to the products in stock?

Our system does not support reservations. Please, contact customer sercvice if you are going to order a bigger batch.

Can I get a volume discount?

Willingly, if the batch is large enough. Please contact customer service via chat.

Can I have from Exel Webstore a universal joint male 30 mm for Exel Universal composite tubes? Do you also have adapters for them? Which composites glass fibre or carbon fibre tubes fit to this joint male?

Yes, you can have a universal joint male 30 mm for  Exel Universal composite tubes from Exel Webstore. Yes, you can have a cable hook as an adapter for the joint male. For this joint male fits Exel Universal tubes 30/26 mm.

Can I make preliminary reservations on products in stock?

Our system does not support reservations at this time, but you may contact customer service, especially if the consignment you wish to order is large. This way we can prepare ourselves for the delivery. Please, contact our customer service through Contact Form or the chat.

Can I obtain a volume discount on products?

We would be happy to give a volume discount provided that the consignment is large enough. Please, contact our customer service through Contact Form or the chat.

Can I order from Exel Webstore with invoice, if I am an excisting customer with Exel?

If a customer is already an excisting customer of Exel and they have a customer number, they can buy from Webstore with invoice. When making an order, customer should just wrtie there down the customer number. Minimum amount of order with invoice is 500 €.

Can I order products and charge them to my Exel Composites oyj customer number (invoicing)?

If you are a customer of Exel Composites Group, Yes. The minimum order that can be paid with an invoice is €500. If needed please, contact our customer service through Contact Form or the chat.

Can I order products by call or e-mail?

No, with significant subscriptions please contact customer service via chat.

Can I pick up the product from your warehouse?

Yes, look general terms and conditions from http://www.exelwebstore.com/general-terms.

Can I track products I ordered?

Before delivery you can follow your order from your Webstore-account. After that you'll get tracking code from Posti or UPS.

Can I track where my product is at the moment?

You can track the status of your order and delivery from your customer account.

Can I use Exel composite glass fibre tube as a radio antenna, if there is a power line close to it?

Even tought galss fibre tube is insulating, using it nearby power line is not recommended. Pls note also, that for instance water on the surfice of the tube makes is conductiv and may cause hazardous situations.

Can shipping address be different than billing address?

Kyllä. Alv-, tulli-, vastaavat maksut määräytyvät toimitusosoitteen mukaan.

Can the delivery address be different than the invoicing address?

Yes. VAT, customs and similar fees are determined by the delivery address.

Can this 10-12 meters long telescope be stored in 2 meters lenght?

For instance 1400 cm long Cxtel 9-part carborfibre composite telescopes tranportation lenght is 205 cm. You can find the transportation lenghts from the page of each Exel telescopic tube.

Could Exel sell custom fibre frame to Hong Kong?

In general, we at Exel Composites produce most of the products custom made. We will evaluate your enquiry with pleasure once you have sent us more information. We shall then get back to you with comments. You can send the drawing, specifications and annual volume of the product to the following email address: info@exelwebstore.com

Could you please offer metal or other material tubes? They will be used in mechanical stress when hot sand is dropped through the tube (temperature 700-800celcius degrees).

There is no tube that could withstand that kind of temperature. Average maximum with our tubes is about 80 celcius degrees.

Could you please tell us the relative permittivity (Dk) .

We expect Dk value to be in range of 4-5.

Do I have to pay a customs fee on products I ordered?

After a shipment, the customs service in your country may require you to pay customs fees and taxes. The buyer is always responsible for paying such fees. Exel Composites Webstore is not liable for such fees or the possible amounts of the fees. Customs policies vary a great deal between countries. Contact your local customs office to find out what those fees may be.

In order to facilitate the customs process, we reserve the right to inform customs of the value of packages. For the same reason customs officers may open packages. You can see the delivery warehouse on the right side of the checkout screen under “Warehouse Origin and Shipping Method”.

Do I need to have a VAT-number for being able buy from Exel Web Store?

Thank you for your contact with Exel Webstore. You have to register to the system when making payment of the order. But you can leave the VAT number empty, if you do not have one.

Do you deliver products to countries outside the European Union or outside delivery country list?

We deliver all around the world. If your country is not on the country selection list, please contact our customer service through Contact Form or the chat.

Does Exel Web Store have a connecting part to connect 50/47 mm composites tubes together?

No, Exel Web Store has not at the moment a connecting part to connect 50/47 mm composites tubes together.

Hi I'm looking to enquire about a hydraulic lowering device for airport approach lights. Could you please provide some information regarding pricing and shipping details.

Exel do make constructions for Airports like Approach lightning masts.
We do not have any Hydraulic lowering devices included .

How can I change my order?

 The customer must contact customer service. An order can be changed before delivery acknowledgment (delivery address, quantity, product). Please, contact our customer service through Contact Form or the chat. After a delivery has been acknowledged, the only method available is to return/cancel the order. Please, see Return terms.

How can I give feedback?

Please, contact our customer service through Contact Form. Your feedback is very important to us.

How can I give feedback?

With the contact form in our webstore.

How can I rework/modify products?

Look at the MSDS-form. Every product has its own application instructions.

How can I work/treat fibreglass/carbon fibre products?

See the work/safety instructions file (MSDS) for the product group or product in question.

How differs Exelite carbon fibre tube 20/17mm lenght 150cm from Crosslite?

Exelite carbon fibre tube has smooth surface and it has one poke whereas Crosslite has two pokes crosswards on the surface and one poke inside.

How much does a 10-12 meters long composite telescope cost?

You can find our standard selection of Exel composite telescopes from our webstore http://www.exelwebstore.com/telescopic-poles.html. Through our webstore you can easily place the order, too.

How much does a telescope of such (10-12) weigh?

In Exel webstore, all composite telescopes have their weight informed in product card. Double klick a picture and you can find more info of the product.

How much does Exel glass fibre tubes stand for heat and fuel or oil? For instance System 30-composite galss fibre tube 30/26 mm, L 300 cm?

You can use  Exel composites glass fibre tubes in -40C - +80C degree and with mineral and  diesel oil including the new ones with etanol. 

How much I can bend OD 1,5 mm and OD 2,0 mm carbon fibre tubes inorder not to break them?

You can bend OD 1,5 mm carbon fibre tube by 150 mm radius and OD 2,0 mm carbon fibre tube by 200 mm radius.

How stiff is Exel Crosslite 34/32mm 194cm tube?

Stiffness for this composite tube is about 165 Gpa.

How trading demolition situtations proceed?

Check our returning policy.

I am a new user - do I have to register?

You do not have to register until the stage when you pay for your order. When you register as a customer, you can track the information about your order. More information please see Privacy policy.

I am looking for Exel Tri-Xtel tripod for Xtel-telescopic tubes. Where can I have one?

Kindly contact Mr. Jorma Koskinen at Merkvil Oy.
Tel. +358 028226044
email jorma.koskinen@dnainternet.net

I am planning to build a shelter for my boat. Can you advice how to do that?

You can build shelters by using Exel System 30 -products. Kindly look from the below link:



In case you would like to buy a ready made shelter for your boat, you can be in contact with a company:

Va-Varuste Oy

Siikaranta 14

70620 Kuopio

Tel. +358172659500


I have problems with Exel floorball club. Who should I be in contact with?

Kindly be in contact with:

E-Sports Group Oy
Karaportti 5
02610 Espoo

Tel: +358 (0)9 4242 7500
Mobile: +358 (0)40 455 7878


I have problems with my ski poles. Who can I be in contact with?

E-Sports Group Oy is in charge of Exel ski poles now.

Kindly be in contact with:

E-Sports Group Oy

Karaportti 5 02610 Espoo Finland

Tel: +358 (0)9 4242 7500

Mobile: +358 (0)40 455 7878

sales@e-sg.fi <mailto:sales@e-sg.fi>

Thank you.

I want to exchange the product I ordered for one of a different size but it is out of stock. Is it possible to return the product?

Yes it is.

I would like to order product from Exel Composites, but it doesn't exist on Webstore. How can I order it?

Please contact our customer service or chat.

I would like to place an order to a product that is not available in Webstore. How can I purchase it?

Please, contact our customer service through Contact Form or the chat. Your feedback, especially from new products, is very important to us.

Is it possible to have locks to the Exel composite telescopic poles?

No, it is not possible to have locks to the Exel composite telescopic poles separately.

Is it possible to return a product if I change my mind?

Yes. You can test a product but you must not take it in use. Please, see Return terms.

Is reinforced plastic/fibre-reinforced plastic same as glass fibre?

Reinforced plastic is more commonly used concept, but in many cases reinforced plastic is glass fibre reinforced.

Is there a joint for the telescope and if yes, what kind of? Do you have for example a brush that fits it?

Exel composites telescopes have so called German thread to which for example Vikan's brushes fit well. (http://www.vikan.com/uk/transport/products/list/?gid=8111 mm.)

Item I ordered is defective or damaged, what do I do?

<p>Yes, please check our return terms from <a href="http://www.exelwebstore.com/return-terms">http://www.exelwebstore.com/return-terms</a></p>

My order didn't include all the products I ordered, how to proceed?

Please, do the claim request via your webstore account. Fill all the sections of the form carefully and explain what is wrong with the product. Our customer service will be contact you mainly with the e-mail or through your webstore-account.

Product right of return.

Please, see Return terms.

The product I ordered is faulty or damaged, what should I do?

Always check the shipment and products carefully before you accept the shipment from courier.  If you see any damage or fault, please make a note to shipping documents before you accept the shipment. Then contact our customer service through Contact Form. If you wish to return the product, see Return terms.

The product I want to buy is out of stock. Can I still order the product?

We do not have a reservation system right now but we will let you know as soon as the product is back in stock. Please, contact our customer service through Contact Form or the chat.


In questions relating to VAT, we comply with Warehouse Origin´s country law and regulations. In the case of  Mäntyharju, Finland (main warehouse), we comply with Finnish law and EU regulations. As a general rule, we do not charge VAT for transactions outside the EU; for transactions inside the EU, we charge VAT from private individuals but not from companies that have been registered as required to pay VAT and thus have obtained a VAT number. All buyers in Finland must pay VAT.

We are looking for dielectric tubes (glassfiber or other). Do you have something available?

Basically all the glass fibre tubes, where is no carbon included, are dielectric tubes. It always depends of the conditions where the tubes are being used how much there can be electrical conductivity. In case there would be some dust or moisture in the air, it may give different results. That is why the tubes needs to be tested in the conditions first, before using them for insulation purposes.

We have bought 14 m long telescopic pole, which we use for taking samples of the needle samples from trees. There will be a saw on the top of the pole for that. How can we fix the saw to the pole? Can we drill wholes to the pole to secure the fixing?

With the Cxtel-telescopic pole there is a conical adapter. You can drill wholes on that and fix a saw to the pole with the adapter.  You can see the conical adapter on the right side of the product card off the Cxtel-pole in the Exel Webstore and on the left side there is an angle adapter. In case conical adapter does not fit to your purpose, use first angle adapter and to that conical adapter.

We only require one (1) of the straight connector "K" to suit your SYSTEM 30.

When dealing with single parts of System 30 like this Straight connector “K” , we advice you to
contact Mr. Jorma Koskinen at Merkvil Oy.
Tel. +358 028226044
email jorma.koskinen@dnainternet.net

What are the acceptable methods of payment?

The acceptable methods of payment are listed on the front page.

What are the shipping costs?

At the moment, we use the Finnish postal service for deliveries in Finland and UPS to other countries. When you view products, you can see the estimated expenses/product in the product information. The system will calculate the total shipping price for the whole package in the shopping cart.

What happens after I have placed an order?

First, customer service makes sure that everything is correct in your order. Then the warehouse provides an estimated shipping date. Your package is delivered by either Posti (the Finnish postal service) or UPS within 1-3 weekdays of the receipt and confirmation of your order. You can check the order status from My account.

What if products are out of stock?

After you have placed the order, we confirm the estimated delivery date and confirm your order. If you order a product and want the products in two consignments due to the low volume of stock, the buyer pays for the freight.

What is a maximum lenght for a shipment?

Inside European Unioin we can handel maximum lenght of 6 meters in transportation.

But outside European Union maximum lenght is 2,7 meters. This is due to very high transrportation costs for long shipments.

What is the estimated delivery time of my order?

The estimated delivery time of an order is 1-3 weekdays from the time you sent your order. The delivery time depends on the transport company, in Finland the Finnish postal service and UPS in other countries. You can track their delivery with the tracking code you obtained from My account.

What is the maximum load (kg) of a Cxtel 18m telescope? What is the bending (cm) of the upper segments of Cxtel telescope 18m with maximum load?

Maximum top load for 18m carbon telescope is about 8kg. Theoretical maximum bending is then 3m for the whole pole. Based on our experience, limiting factor when operating the system is not telescope load carrying capasity but how to be able to control the load. Control is heavily dependent on e.g. shape of the load and how the pole is supported. Our suggestion is not to load this long telescope with more than 0.5 kg.

What is the wall thickness required for 50mm carbon tube to achieve the same bending strenght as 50x3 aluminium tube?

Based on the information given, the required wall thickness for 50mm carbon tube would be 1.5 mm.

What kind of delivery time do you have and how do I order?

Order is done in our webstore by first registering as a customer. From our warehouse, the delivery takes approximately from 2 to 4 days.

What kind of saw and blade I must use to cut a glass fibre tube?

You can use circular saw with diamond blade for cutting a glass fibre tube.

What should be done in case I want to cancel a transaction?

Please, see Return terms.

Where can I find my order number so I can return a product?

Log in and go to My account. On this page you can see all your orders and find more information about a specific order by selecting "view order". Now you can select “request RMA” and start the process of returning one or more products per this order.

Where can I find my subscription to return a product?

By logging in to your account you will find all information about your orders and making a returning form.

Where can I see information on my order once the order has been processed?

You can always check your order status from My account and delivery status under the shipments. In major events of your purchase, such as order confirmation, we will send you an email. If there is still any confusion, please contact our customer service through Contact Form or the chat.

Which composite telescopic pole is suitable for practising figure skating when using pole with safety harness?

We can recommend XTEL composite telescopic poles due to their light weight. But because the pole can be hitted during the practice into ice or to the edge of the ice rink, also HXTEL can be a good choise. With HXTEL composite telescopic poles there is glass fibre on the top of the surfice of the pole to protect.

Which Exel composites tubes can be used in mining conditions? The tubes would get stone hits and have rubbing against rock material. Outer diameter should be 25 +-2mm.

None of the Exel composite tubes are fitting for this kind of hard use, where the tubes get hits from stones and rubbing against rock material. Most suitabel of Exel composite tube range could be Universal-tubes. But they should be tested first.

Who pays shippings costs for returnings?

Customer pays for the shipping costs of returnings.

Who pays the shipping costs for returning a product to Exel Composites warehouse?

The customer.

Why has a product been removed from the product selection?

Outlet products are one-time offers that are removed from the selection after the products run out of stock. Ordinary products may not be shown for a temporary reason. Unfortunately, right now, our system does not support reservations, so the products will return to the selection as soon as they are back in stock. If necessary, please contact our customer service through Contact Form or the chat.

Why I can not find any floorball product at Exel web store?

For floorball products, kindly be in contact with:

E-Sports Group Oy
Karaportti 5
02610 Espoo

Tel: +358 (0)9 4242 7500
Mobile: +358 (0)40 455 7878


Why I have not received an order confirmation via e-mail and why cannot I see the order confirmation or estimated delivery time from my customer account?

Please, contact our customer service through Contact Form or the chat.

Why I have not received the products I ordered although the delivery time has expired?

In some rare cases or remote locations there may be a delay in a delivery. Unfortunately Exel Composites cannot influence such situations. If delivery times are exceeded by a considerable amount, first check the order status from My account and under the shipments the status of the delivery. If there is still any confusion, please contact our customer service through Contact Form the chat.

Why my order has deveided to two or more orders?

Your order can devide into two or more orders, in case it has goods from more than one warehouse.

Would it be possible to manufacture a couple of telescopic poles (photomasts) 6 to 8m with locking mechanisms for real eastate photography?

A company Merkvil manufactures single XTEL-tripods and monopods. I would advice you to contact them. Our Extender Tripod products that would suit your use are only manufactured in bigger quantities to order.
Merkvil Oy 
Mr.  Jorma Koskinen
Tel. +358 028226044
email jorma.koskinen@dnainternet.net