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Can I buy a product on the hire-purchase plan?

See detailed information in the payment options.

Can I collect a product myself from your warehouse?

Yes, see General Terms and Conditions.

Can I make preliminary reservations on products in stock?

Our system does not support reservations at this time, but you may contact customer service, especially if the consignment you wish to order is large. This way we can prepare ourselves for the delivery. Please, contact our customer service through Contact Form or the chat.

Can I obtain a volume discount on products?

We would be happy to give a volume discount provided that the consignment is large enough. Please, contact our customer service through Contact Form or the chat.

Can I order products and charge them to my Exel Composites oyj customer number (invoicing)?

If you are a customer of Exel Composites Group, Yes. The minimum order that can be paid with an invoice is €500. If needed please, contact our customer service through Contact Form or the chat.

Can I track where my product is at the moment?

You can track the status of your order and delivery from your customer account.

Can the delivery address be different than the invoicing address?

Yes. VAT, customs and similar fees are determined by the delivery address.

Do I have to pay a customs fee on products I ordered?

After a shipment, the customs service in your country may require you to pay customs fees and taxes. The buyer is always responsible for paying such fees. Exel Composites Webstore is not liable for such fees or the possible amounts of the fees. Customs policies vary a great deal between countries. Contact your local customs office to find out what those fees may be.

In order to facilitate the customs process, we reserve the right to inform customs of the value of packages. For the same reason customs officers may open packages. You can see the delivery warehouse on the right side of the checkout screen under “Warehouse Origin and Shipping Method”.

Do you deliver products to countries outside the European Union or outside delivery country list?

We deliver all around the world. If your country is not on the country selection list, please contact our customer service through Contact Form or the chat.

How can I change my order?

 The customer must contact customer service. An order can be changed before delivery acknowledgment (delivery address, quantity, product). Please, contact our customer service through Contact Form or the chat. After a delivery has been acknowledged, the only method available is to return/cancel the order. Please, see Return terms.

How can I give feedback?

Please, contact our customer service through Contact Form. Your feedback is very important to us.

How can I work/treat fibreglass/carbon fibre products?

See the work/safety instructions file (MSDS) for the product group or product in question.

I am a new user - do I have to register?

You do not have to register until the stage when you pay for your order. When you register as a customer, you can track the information about your order. More information please see Privacy policy.

I want to exchange the product I ordered for one of a different size but it is out of stock. Is it possible to return the product?

Yes it is.

I would like to place an order to a product that is not available in Webstore. How can I purchase it?

Please, contact our customer service through Contact Form or the chat. Your feedback, especially from new products, is very important to us.

Is it possible to return a product if I change my mind?

Yes. You can test a product but you must not take it in use. Please, see Return terms.

Product right of return.

Please, see Return terms.

The product I ordered is faulty or damaged, what should I do?

Always check the shipment and products carefully before you accept the shipment from courier.  If you see any damage or fault, please make a note to shipping documents before you accept the shipment. Then contact our customer service through Contact Form. If you wish to return the product, see Return terms.

The product I want to buy is out of stock. Can I still order the product?

We do not have a reservation system right now but we will let you know as soon as the product is back in stock. Please, contact our customer service through Contact Form or the chat.


In questions relating to VAT, we comply with Warehouse Origin´s country law and regulations. In the case of  Mäntyharju, Finland (main warehouse), we comply with Finnish law and EU regulations. As a general rule, we do not charge VAT for transactions outside the EU; for transactions inside the EU, we charge VAT from private individuals but not from companies that have been registered as required to pay VAT and thus have obtained a VAT number. All buyers in Finland must pay VAT.

What are the acceptable methods of payment?

The acceptable methods of payment are listed on the front page.

What are the shipping costs?

At the moment, we use the Finnish postal service for deliveries in Finland and UPS to other countries. When you view products, you can see the estimated expenses/product in the product information. The system will calculate the total shipping price for the whole package in the shopping cart.

What happens after I have placed an order?

First, customer service makes sure that everything is correct in your order. Then the warehouse provides an estimated shipping date. Your package is delivered by either Posti (the Finnish postal service) or UPS within 1-3 weekdays of the receipt and confirmation of your order. You can check the order status from My account.

What if products are out of stock?

After you have placed the order, we confirm the estimated delivery date and confirm your order. If you order a product and want the products in two consignments due to the low volume of stock, the buyer pays for the freight.

What is the estimated delivery time of my order?

The estimated delivery time of an order is 1-3 weekdays from the time you sent your order. The delivery time depends on the transport company, in Finland the Finnish postal service and UPS in other countries. You can track their delivery with the tracking code you obtained from My account.

What should be done in case I want to cancel a transaction?

Please, see Return terms.

Where can I find my order number so I can return a product?

Log in and go to My account. On this page you can see all your orders and find more information about a specific order by selecting "view order". Now you can select “request RMA” and start the process of returning one or more products per this order.

Where can I see information on my order once the order has been processed?

You can always check your order status from My account and delivery status under the shipments. In major events of your purchase, such as order confirmation, we will send you an email. If there is still any confusion, please contact our customer service through Contact Form or the chat.

Who pays the shipping costs for returning a product to Exel Composites warehouse?

The customer.

Why has a product been removed from the product selection?

Outlet products are one-time offers that are removed from the selection after the products run out of stock. Ordinary products may not be shown for a temporary reason. Unfortunately, right now, our system does not support reservations, so the products will return to the selection as soon as they are back in stock. If necessary, please contact our customer service through Contact Form or the chat.

Why have I not received an order confirmation via e-mail and why cannot I see the order confirmation or estimated delivery time from my customer account?

Please, contact our customer service through Contact Form or the chat.

Why have I not received the products I ordered although the delivery time has expired?

In some rare cases or remote locations there may be a delay in a delivery. Unfortunately Exel Composites cannot influence such situations. If delivery times are exceeded by a considerable amount, first check the order status from My account and under the shipments the status of the delivery. If there is still any confusion, please contact our customer service through Contact Form the chat.