Universal™ 5-section glassfibre telescopic pole, 65-197 cm grey

Universal™ 5-section telescopic pole is an ideal solution when compact transportation and storage length, and easily adjustable use of telescope length is required. Thanks to glassfibre structure, the telescope is lightweight and durable.

The largest telescope tube has outer diameter of 58 mm and the smallest of 30 mm. Telescope’s transport length is 65 cm, and opened it extends to 197 cm. Color of the telescope is marble grey.

Tube diameters from the bottom to the top:
58/54 mm
51/47 mm
44/40 mm
37/33 mm
30/26 mm

Strong telescopic pole is designed and produced for tough and demanding applications, it is yet pleasant and hygienic to use. Tubes are glassfibre and polyester. Strong locking force, operating temperature -50-+80°C (-58-+176°F), nuts and screws are stainless steel.

Application Ideas: Window cleaning, dust wiping, vacuuming, changing bulbs, tree pruning saw arm, various tool handles, camera arm, measuring, car washing, swimming pool cleaning, raking.Locking force for camera is around 75 kg.

Key advantages
* for tough and demanding applications
* pleasant, hygienic to use
* no maintenance
* will not rot or corrode
* electrically isolative (glass fibre)
* high chemical resistance
* secure double locking system prevents accidential release

Technical Specifications

Diameters (mm)
65/58/51/44/37/30 mm
Outer diameter (mm)
Wall thickness (mm)
Weight (kg)
Vinylester resin
Tubes: UCUM
Surface finish
Package length (mm)

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